Vital Info
The Tour of Oman will be:
  • Broadcast to 110 different territories worldwide
  • 26 channels will broadcast the event
  • DAILY highlight on 15 channels over Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Oceania
  • Dedicated News on national historical channels + Daily highlights on cable and satellite sport’s channels
  • News coverage worldwide through News agencies (Reuters, SNTV and EVS)
  • Final dedicated report to be broadcast worldwide in “Gillette World Sport” program (5 minutes) and in “Trans World Sport” programs (3 minutes)
The team will also produce:
  • DAILY highlight coverage of 26 minutes per day
  • 5 minute news feed every day
  • One Final program of 52 minutes
New Media:
  • The Tour of Oman team will also produce one final ready-to-air programme of 3 minutes for the internet and mobile sites.

Confirmed media included, but are not limited to AFP, Cycle Sport, Eurosport, De Telegraaf, Reuters, L'Equipe, Shanghai Weekly, AP Photo, SNTV and EVS

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