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Tour of Oman 2017 starts from
February 14, 2017 and ends on February 19, 2017.

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About Tour Of Oman

From the very first edition of the Tour of Oman, cycling and our country seemed to fit like a hand in glove, but even its greatest enthusiasts could not have predicted such a resounding success.

Though only in its fifth edition, the race has managed to attract the world's top cyclists and teams, and has become key to the start of the racing season. In 2013 it seemed to set the pace for the rest of the years, with winner of the Tour of Oman, Chris Froome, going on to win the Tour de France. Our varied and rich landscape offers glimmering opportunities for all-rounders, climbers and even sprinters to mount the podium, revving up their engines for the season ahead.

Moreover, the attraction has been reciprocal the race has caught the imagination of our people, who come out to cheer these indomitable men as they speed along our coast and struggle up our mountains.

We are a nation steeped in a rich culture and long-standing traditions, but as the Tour of Oman shows, our young population in also keen to embrace the world's customs and welcome them with open arms.